Sunday, 26 June 2011

-Music Videos on my Mind- The beauty of Kim Gehrig

Gomez has a new album out.

Who is Gomez you say? Why, Gomez is a British indie rock band from Southport who, in 1998, beat bands like Massive Attack, The Verve and Pulp to win the prestigious Mercury Music Award. The music world was dumbfounded at how a rag-tag bunch of white kids who try and ape the sound of African American blues music beat out better established acts, but they did do, and no one can take that away from them.

The band is not as popular as it once was but continues to release music. Their latest LP is titled Whatever's on your Mind and continues in the tradition that once made them almost famous. Having never been a fan of the band, I couldn't care too much about this new album, but it did get me thinking how much I adored the song and music video for their track See the World, which featured on 2006's How we Operate.

See the World was directed by Kim Gehrig and produced by Noreen Khan. Gehrig's shoot for the video took her around the world, nicely complimenting the song's conceit of broadening one's horizons and experiencing new things. It's a touching vignette, demonstrating how effective the medium of music videos can be when smart young directors are at the helm.

Kim Gehrig is now an award-winning promos director who seems to show a special wisdom and flair sorely lacking in contemporary music video directing. Her witty 2008 video for Wiley's Cash in my Pocket perfectly captured the greed and corporate chicanery fuelling the recession, which is still dragging on after 3 years.

I'm a big fan of Kim Gehrig's work and think she'll one day make cracking feature films if she so chooses to. She's technically savvy and totally inspiring. In her own words: "Great images and storytelling in all forms sparks ideas and gets me thinking."

You said it sister.


  1. Great informative post, I had never heard of this person, but a good one nonetheless.

  2. must admit I've never heard of her. The only song I adore from THe Verve is LOVE IS NOISE! I really love that video and the song.

  3. ive been following gomez for a while and im glad to see a post about them!

  4. Loving the video, the music isn't my cup of tea but they aren't bad.

    Nice blog design, loving the content. Followed.

    Take a look at mine sometime if you get the opportunity:

  5. That second vid cracked me up.

  6. I love your blog. It's true. Every time I come, I learn something new, or about a new artist. I have never heard of Gomez, and I love Massive Attack and The Verve! So, thank you! Off to Amazon.. You're going to make me broke. ;)

    PS. About the bag, haha - it might be a gender thing. But, Let's just say new music and new bags can both bring the same joy.


  7. what a beauty.
    the vid is coool!

  8. First time i heard her name, but doesn't look bad at all!

  9. Awesome videos. I loved the second one.

  10. Gomez were tipped as the next big thing eons ago and then seemed to fall off my radar. Good to know they are still going, they weren't a bad band.
    Your Mum's got curtains to match my dress, why would that be worrying? x

  11. I had never heard of this band before, but I love their song in the first video. The song is so good, I'm wondering why I had never heard of them before now. I guess their music never made it to the States? Either way, it's a shame they are not better known here.

    The second video is awesome as well. Kim really should do a full-length film one day.