Thursday, 6 September 2012

-Music Videos on my Mind- Ellie Goulding's "Anything could Happen"

Tragically, legend has it that Ethel Goulish, a great ancestor of British singer Ellie Goulding, was burnt at the stake in 1782 by the elders of Herefordshire council because of suspicions that her big chin was a signifier of being a witch.

Fortunately, centuries later, Ellie Goulding's big chin is no longer a marker of being the Devil's concubine. Nay, Ellie is cultivating big money making pop records that have sold massively in all the markets that matter. Not only that, Ellie is the proud girlfriend of a famous American musician called Skrillex, who really should be burnt at the stake for making awful dubstep music.

Ellie is back with a brand new album called Halcyon and has released the first video titled Anything could Happen. As a song, the best praise that can be given is it's not as boring as some of her other stuff, but that doesn't mean it's much better. The video is a rather predictable affair, featuring car advert stylistics and pretentious pagan motifs (good luck getting that stuff on American television).

There's a strong suspicion that Anything could Happen may launch Ellie Goulding into the big time. It has all the hallmarks of song that will play from station to station. In fact, it's probably a song that sounds better on the radio without being compromised by its lackadaisical music video.

This may be the kind of music that plays better to women than men, but that's only because guys are scared of big chinned females. Had a pop star like Rihanna recorded this song, with her respectably sized chin, then everyone would buy it.


  1. Dammit.

    Is Ellie about to go mainstream?
    Sigh...there goes my cool factor. At least I had her music in one of my videos BEFORE right?
    What happened to her hair??

    I love her voice/music. But her videos throw me off...not in a bad way, it's just never quite what I pictured in my mind's eye, you know?

    Thank you for the birthday wishes!!

  2. I like her voice. I have one of her songs in my collection, but this is new to me.

  3. Wow, if they burned people for having big chins Jay Leno would be TOAST!

  4. She's always reminded me of Bjork, voice-wise. So I always pictured her being from Iceland or something adventurous. I'm surprised to learn she's just plain old English.

    There's one song they play over and over again here in the States, but I don't know the name of it. I kind of like this new song you've posted, although it's a little too techno for the top 40 stations here. But who knows, maybe it'll be just as big a hit as the one they're forcing upon us now.

  5. I only ever really liked a few of her tunes, wasn't she or rather isn't she heralded as the 'next big thing' in the UK? Ok, that might have been yonks ago now... but going mainstream, that does not surprise me one bit.

  6. I think Jenny is on to something. I love Bjork's music. "Love" may not be strong enough of a word. Bjork got me though college. (But that newish cd of hers that came out during my college years? I dunno). I love Bjork...and I love Alexander McQueen. So imagine my reaction whenever Bjork wore Alexander McQueen. Perfection, really.

    If Ellie wore McQ, I wouldn't have so much of a reaction. 'Cause...well, several reasons. One being it's Burton now.